Undergraduate Medical Education

The Undergraduate Medical Education team coordinates teaching for Southampton Medical students in Psychiatry.

Diabetes education

We currently have students in  their Fourth Year whose attachment is for 8 weeks. We welcome (SGU) Grenadian students who  have recently joined us and spend 6 weeks with us on their attachment in either Basingstoke or Winchester.

During your attachment you will learn about the common psychiatric disorders, how to take a history and conduct a mental state examination and how to formulate a differential diagnosis. You will also have opportunities to develop these skills, and there will be more emphasis on the practical management of common disorders you will be likely to encounter as a Foundation Year doctor.

If you would like to hear from a couple of Consultant Psychiatrist on what inspired them to become Psychiatrists, please take a few minutes to read Adam's and Victoria's Stories - Dr Adam Cox, studied Psychiatry as an Undergraduate in Southampton and now works as an Adult Mental Health Consultant in Southampton. Dr Victoria Osman-Hicks is an Old Age Consultant also working in Southampton.