Preceptorship Programme

Golden Threads

Trust Vision and Values

  • Patients & People first
  • Partnership
  • Respect

How will you remain constantly in tune with how the quality of care provided to patients matches what we would want for the people we care about the most.

Programme aims

Support newly qualified registered staff in making an effective transition from student to registered practitioner as a preceptee.

Facilitate the personal and professional development of registered nurses and allied health professionals through a structured preceptorship programme.

Encourage the pursuit of clinical excellence and high quality patient care.

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Programme Structure

The programme consists of seven core days and five individualised study days over a twelve month period with the core days being alternate months. 

If you would like to view the Cohort Structure please follow this link: Course Layout

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Learning Outcomes

  • To embed the Trust values through the preceptorship programme with a focus on the patient journey within Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust
  • Support newly qualified registered staff in making an effective transition from student to registered practitioner.
  • Facilitate the personal and professional development of newly qualified registered staff
  • Encourage the pursuit of clinical excellence and high quality individualised patient care.


  • Introduce the programme and summarise the purpose of preceptorship, their role as a preceptee and the role of the preceptor and practice educator.
  • Discuss Southern Health’s Values and their relevance to clinical practice.
  • Recognise potential poster presentation activities within their workplace.
  • Have an awareness of the action learning set model of reflection.
  • Be able to recognise factors that impact human performance.
  • Be able to describe the incident reporting process.
  • Have practiced participation in Action Learning Sets.
  • Be able to construct a plan for a Poster Presentation.
  • To understand how we learn from the SIRI & Tableau process
  • Have developed Action Learning Set participation and facilitation skills.
  • Be able to discuss a Poster Presentation.
  • To develop awareness of inter-professional role & expertise
  • To recognise the value of Health and Wellbeing for ourselves and others
  • Have practiced participation in Action Learning Sets
  • Be able to construct a plan for a poster presentation
  • Explore the importance of continuous professional development and understand how to access a range of tools & learning opportunities in order to support re-validation
  • Consider next steps and planning for the future
  • Developed the skills to be able to independently facilitate Action Learning Sets
  • Identify strategies that support effective practice learning including different models of supervision and utilising the framework of coaching.
  • Define and explain the Practice Supervisor role and responsibilities.
  • Understand and explain the process of appropriately raising and responding to student conduct and proficiency concerns.
  • Plan the student learning experience including reasonable adjustments or equality and diversity considerations that may need to be met.
  • Illustrate ways in which the role can be used for your own CPD/re-validation.
  • Be able to provide an oral evaluation, and justification of, a poster project to a wide audience.
  • Have developed skills in critically appraising poster presentations
  • To celebrate success in completion of the preceptorship programme
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Discover Bespoke Days

  • In between your 7 core days, over the 12 month period, you will be expected to participate in 5 additional study days.  These are booked by yourself to suit your own individual needs.  This is to enable you to develop both Clinical and Operational skills as well as getting to know the Trust better.  It is recommended that you cover a variety of these over your preceptorship period.  
  • Please follow this this link for a list of suggested bespoke days you could undertake: Suggestions for Bespoke Days


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Useful Resources & Information

Develop CPD & Revalidation
Models of Reflection Forms
Develop Poster Presentations