Supporting Safer Services (sSs)

Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust recognises that it has a legal and moral duty so far is reasonably and practicable to protect its service users and staff. The Trust is committed to supporting staff, service users, carers and visitors in the event of adverse situations and recognises that providing a safe environment is paramount to success and recovery.

Our Principles: 

To enable us to deliver the best patient care, create holistic care plans and resolve conflict in collaboration with our patients our training is based around three principles:

  • Aim to enhance a patient’s quality of life and meet their unique needs, thereby reducing the likelihood of behavioural disturbances

  • Focus on recognition of early signs of impending behavioural disturbance and how to respond to them in order to encourage the patient to be calm

  • Guide the responses of staff and other care givers when there is a behavioural disturbance, including clear instruction on the pre-planned use of any restrictive interventions.


Our system, Supporting Safer Services (sSs), was initially reviewed by various disciplines within the trust to ensure the package covered a range of services and was inclusive to all. The package was then developed by a dedicated team of trainers with extensive experience and expertise drawing on the current evidence base research.

The principles of sSs are based on supporting the individual with positive and pro-social behaviours, incorporating the relevant guidelines and reports including:

  • Mental Health Act; Code of Practice

  • National Institute of Clinical Excellence

  • Mental Capacity Act and Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards

  • Positive and Proactive Care and a Positive and Proactive Workforce

  • National Institute for Mental Health in England 

  • British Institute for Learning Disability. 

The course is an amalgamation of theoretical components and practical skills. We utilise the public health model of primary, secondary and tertiary stages for reducing incidents whilst exploring service user, staff and organisational responsibilities for incident reduction.

We are actively against any method of physical intervention which actively causes pain or discomfort.

sSs is a competency and values based training package consisting of a pass or fail for delegates. Delegates are assessed on their knowledge of theory, physical skills, their attitude and behaviours during training.

Supporting Safer Services (sSs) Team

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