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The Resuscitation Team – Our Vision

To provide and implement sustainable training programmes to improve and maintain lifesaving skills for now and for the future.

The Resuscitation Team have introduced a new Basic Life Support 1 Hour Refresher course along with eAssessment to complement the existing Basic Life Support 3 hour course. This means that we are now meeting national recommendations to supply annual Basic Life Support training to staff.


Standardised Resuscitation and Medical Emergency Equipment for Southern Health NHS Trust

The standardisation of medical emergency and resuscitation equipment has now been distributed to all the departments where resuscitation equipment was located previously. The resuscitation bag is bright orange and will be located within the department and should be accessible to all members of staff.  The equipment within the bag is standardised across the Trust and the contents of the bag is managed by Openhouse, who have control all of the expiry dates and will operate a managed service, the company will audit, restock and replace items as required.

Southern Health staffs are required to check the bag on a daily basis checking that the bag is sealed and tag in place; the defibrillator has a green tick symbol, and that the oxygen cylinder displays that it is in the green area.

The documents relating to the standardisation of equipment can be found on the intranet and Resuscitation Team web page.

 Resuscitation and Medical Bag Reorder Forms

Resus Bag Image
Resus Bag Image
Resus Bag image

The Resuscitation training team at Southern Health prides itself in delivering a range of high quality training courses for staff within the community and inpatient settings. Alongside training, we are also the subject matter experts on advising the Trust on the appropriate medical emergency and resuscitation equipment required to meet national quality standards set by our external professional bodies.

Our focus is to provide staff with confidence in managing any medical emergency regardless of skill level and therefore creating a more robust, systematic and safe workforce in these very stressful and difficult situations.

If you have any questions or concerns about resuscitation training, please contact LEaD.

If you have any questions about equipment, policies or procedures, please contact the resuscitation team or see links attached to this page.

ZOLL AED 3 - Inside the Rescue (ERC) - Video


From time to time, we arrange simulation training to test our staff resilience. This can be a great way of identifying strengths and weaknesses and enable staff to ask questions that they may not normally get an opportunity to. We use a variety of methods and have the ability to provide a High fidelity wireless mannequin which can replicate patient conditions and clinical scenarios to allow the staff to learn in a high-stress, low-risk environment. This is high-stress because the patient scenario may challenge the knowledge and skills of the staff member, but low risk because there are no real patients involved in the situation.

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